About Us

DEMAR Logistics, Inc. was founded in September 1986 by its current owner and President Gene Doerr to provide its customers with well rounded, Distribution and Transportation Services. Initially, the Company’s focus was geared toward warehousing full pallet lots and transporting the products from suppliers to our facility and subsequently to the end user. Over the years additional services were incrementally added enhancing our service portfolio. We now offer a full range of services that include warehousing, fulfillment, computerized order processing and assembly, LTL consolidation, common and contract carrier transportation services with 48 state operating authority. We also offer return center services for processing returns and provide recartoning and product inspection, as well as a full range of small package services, i.e., picking, packing, labeling and cartoning and billing for several of our clients.

Our focus for now and in the future is to enhance our transportation services we provide to our freight forwarding and 3rd party service providers. The opportunities created by E-Commerce have led to system advancements including the ability to provide customer access for tracing and proof of delivery information. One of our main areas of expansion in the greater Chicago market is our full service pool distribution operations providing container unloading, carton scanning and direct to retail store door, regional and national LTL and residential deliveries. With these distribution services available, we have become an even greater logistics force in the Chicago land area to our freight forwarding and carrier partners.

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