Company History

Take a look at the history of DEMAR Logistics, and learn more about our company.

Oct 1986

Formation of DEMAR Logistics led by current President Gene Doerr

Jun 1987

DEMAR received authority to operate as a licensed broker

Jul 1993

Opening of a 80,000 distribution facility in Wood Dale, ||_

Oct 1994

DEMAR began a national distribution program for Sears.

Apr 1996

DEMAR received authority to operate in Intrastate Commerce Transportation. The first company truck driver was hired.

Dec 1999

Yearly revenues exceed $10,000,000

Jan 2000

Opening of brand new 200,000 square foot distribution facility in Carol Stream

Sept 2002

Increase of retail pool distribution program based on closure of competitor Universal Express Logistics accounting for $3,000,000 annually and 15 drivers.

Jul 2003

Damian Marano became a partial business owner, Vice President, and partner of Gene Doerr

Dec 2005

DEMAR awarded a retail pool distribution and vendor consolidation program with BED, Bath, and Beyond

Dec 2007

Yearly revenues exceeded $20,000,000

Sept 2009

Opening of additional 70,000 square foot inventory managment and order fulfillment facility in Carol Stream, ||_

Apr 2010

DEMAR awarded a retail pool distribution program with Gap, Inc.

Aug 2011

Significant capital investment made with a new State of the Art Transportation Managment System with TMW Sysytems.

Dec 2012

Yearly revenues exceeded $25,000,000

Jan 2013

Opening of additional 115,000 square foot inventory managment facility in Carol Stream, ||_ replacing the facility opened in 2009

Mar 2013

Increase off retail poll distribution program based on closur of competitor Priority Services accounting for $5.000.000 annually and 20 drivers.

Dec 2013

Yearly revenues exceeded $30,000,000