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The main DEMAR corporate office building at 376 E. Lies Road was constructed in 1998 is manned 24 hours a day seven days a week. A newly constructed 8 foot fence with barbed wire surrounds the dock and loaded trailer storage area. DEMAR utilizes a security company to safeguard the facility during holidays and weekends as well. DEMAR Logistics has a zero tolerance policy relating to inventory shrinkage as mandated by our customer base. Our Lies Road facility has a metal detector system used by all warehouse employees entering and leaving our facility. A video surveillance system monitors all activity both within and surrounding all entrances and exits into the facility.

Customer Service:
Toll Free: (800) 804-0177
Local: (630) 510-5698 
Fax: (630) 260-9204 
Hours: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Phone: (630) 510-0312
Phone: (630) 510-7990
Fax: (630) 510-8148
Toll Free: (800) 894-7391
Local: (630) 510-5694
Fax: (630) 260-9203
Sales / Business Development:
Local: (630) 510-5689

Carol Stream Main Office
376 E. Lies Road
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Toll Free: (800) 804-0242
Local: (630) 510-5699 
Fax: (630) 260-9205 

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Carol Stream Secondary Location
320 Fullerton
Carol Stream, IL 60188

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